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Shah Brielle is an American singer, songwriter and director. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, she began creating music in 2010, coining the reputation as the sultry empress of sound in her hometown. With influences like Beyoncé, Erykah Badu, and Brandy, her unique brand of entertainment fuses eclectic rhythms and compelling lyrics with silky smooth vocals  and a queenly presence.


During the pandemic, R&B singer Shah Brielle went back to her roots with live performances. Her latest project “Urf: Are You Afraid of the Wonder You Behold?” was released with seven live performances, with a 12-track studio version coming afterwards. It tackles the ups and downs that come with love, “primarily love’s progression and the positive factors of the black family” according to Brielle. The “Urf” album is also spiritually charged, connecting God and the Earth, while also focusing on criminal justice reform and the desire of freedom for those of the African diaspora from an oppressive system. The full project arrived in July alongside six videos showcasing her live musical prowess. Brielle has always been in her element when it comes to live performances, and with almost a decade under her belt, this new project is bound to help her express the best parts of herself as an artist.


Since her debut in 2010, she has toured in Quebec and Ontario, has garnished over 75,000 views on YouTube, is hailed as 2020’s  “Verge Artist of the Year” by the Las Vegas Black Music Awards, and has reached over 11 thousand followers on Instagram. This has all been possible due to her angelic, mesmerizing vocals, which shine on tracks like “Come Home” with J.Artiz, where she opens up about her irrevocable love for her partner with lines like “no matter the weather’s storm, the oppressor’s scorn, I’ll come to you babe, if you leave a trace.”


As the year 2023 rolls around, Brielle will continue to show off her vocal ability, which will only be amplified by the live acoustics. Her music already speaks for itself, but her eight-track album will show listeners a new, more vulnerable side of her music that has been perfected through years of performing and fine tuning, especially during the pandemic.


If you would like to listen to the “Urf” album, you can find it on all streaming services. In addition, you can listen to Brielle’s music on YouTube, Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music!

"Shah Brielle's vocals are
timeless and unforgettable"

                                                - Chicago Music Guide

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